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Letter Received from Andy C.

Dear Mr. Bingham,

I am writing in appreciation for the service quality I received yesterday, Sat, August 16th at approximately 15:55hrs. From the receipt of my phone enquiry into the Vancouver store, I was treated with patience and willingness to help, despite the phone call being made 5 min prior to the close of your posted store hours.

I am not a printing guru; in fact I am probably below the average person in this area. I could describe the application and what I wanted, but did not know the sizing, the paper type to use, nor what materials to affix to the backing of a poster I wanted to print given the purpose and usage. I relied heavily on the expertise of your staff, and they met and beat my expectation. Michael in digital production (don't know his last name) was especially helpful in providing honest and clear suggestions and process. He made the process easy and enjoyable, and even called back to make sure the pickup/delivery was made at my convenience during business hours on Monday. This vastly differs from my call into Kinkos, who needed exactly what I want, not willing to provide any suggestions based on what I described.

I did not get the name of the representative who initially received my call, but he passed on my request to Michael in the digital print area, perhaps he can help with the name. Both should be applauded. By the end of it, we finished our conversation at approximately shortly before 5:00pm, an hour after the posted closing time. This is customer service.

Andy C.
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