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Letter Received from Taylor J.

Hi John,

My name is Taylor, I work for Graham Group and have had the pleasure of working with Dominion Blue for production on a number of proposals this year. I apologize for not having sent this before your Christmas Party where I was so hoping that it could be read aloud. I am not very happy with myself for not having it finished in time.

The entire staff at the main shop has been absolutely fantastic – very talented and very personable. As I’m sure you know the closing days of a proposal can be very stressful and busy. There are always last minute issues to take care of and your team made every effort to work with me to deliver a polished product on even the most last minute items.

Albert did a great job of helping me design some last minute productions items. He was really patient, had great and creative ideas, and also – he is very talented with InDesign – I cant believe how fast we were able to throw together the items we needed! Which, obviously, is a big stress-reliever in a proposal close!

Michael was a superstar and worked with us all through the night on one particular occasion and totally saved the day. He was exhausted I’m sure, and I think probably worked a 24 hour shift to help us out when we were in panic mode about a portion of our document. He was great and very friendly with us although I’m pretty sure he just wanted to go home to bed!

Fred and Randy are very friendly whenever I make an appearance and I really appreciate that they go out of their way to make me feel welcome and always ask how everything has been going proposal-wise.

Vi was so great to work with on the last few days of production when we were binding and organizing our documents in the back of the shop, she was very friendly and helpful.

Kris (Chris?) was usually up at the front desk and seemed to be our welcoming party when we arrived at the main shop most of the time and is always smiling, happy and would help us track down who we were looking for, or help us get around Vancouver as we didn’t know it as well then as we do now!

You pre-flight department is very talented and it has been great working with John Pantizis, who is very helpful when discussing specifics that apply to most of our orders.

And now that I have mention so many people I know I’m doomed to forget some and I apologize to those who I have not mentioned – but want them to know that their presence certainly had a positive effect on our experience with Dominion Blue.

Now on to the star of “my” show…..

Brian Lowe. Seriously, where did you even find this guy? He has absolutely blown everyone I have been working with out of the water with his creativity, dedication, and intelligence. Did I say creativity? Brian is amazingly dedicated – he put in so many late, late, late hours for us and never sacrificed quality. And we are talking about more than just a few days here, I would say close to a month of being run off his feet with our requests.

His creative ideas for our custom delivery boxes, ipad cases, USB submission first aid kits (I could go on and on) that he was able to bring to fruition have allowed Graham to deliver the most impressive RFP submission in the history of Graham. Without a doubt.

I feel very lucky to have a professional relationship with someone like Brian. The more experience I get the more I realize that people like him are so rare.

Thank you so much and a very Merry Christmas to everyone at Dominion Blue!!

Taylor J.
Business Development Advisor
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