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What Customers Are Saying

» Efficient and User Friendly... Caroline
We needed to get our logo on 2 meeting rooms and the HR office, so we checked with Dominion Blue. They replied and provide the draft and quote within a week, and the 2nd week the logos are up on our walls.  It was easy and clear with what they do. The service is efficient and user friendly, the price was also reasonable.  This should be anyone to adapt if they need service provided from a printing company.

» Above & Beyond... Alexandra
Fantastic customer service, great printing products, timely delivery and excellent communication. The Dominion Blue team goes above and beyond in an efficient manner to help us get our printing done. With countless last minute adjustments, I can always rely on the sales and preflight team to get the job done.

» Professional and Prompt... Miaden
Great service. Thank you Suzanne. Professional and prompt response on our request for quick turn around.

» Every Time... Lumi
Not just on the last job, but every time, Suzanne Kelly goes above and beyond to help me get high quality printing materials on time. Even on rushed projects, I know that if it can be done, she will make it happen. I always get great service, good products, and reliable delivery on time.

» Service Was Excellent... Teyem
We needed our door sign changed by a certain date and you were able to accommodate our needs with relatively short notice. The service was excellent.

» Absolutely Amazing... Sheetal
Steve you and your team are absolutely AMAZINGG!!! Thank YOU soo much for being soo accommodating! Really appreciate it! I received the drawings 5 minutes before my request. (I do apologize for sending a request with such short timeline). I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

» The Way We Need It... Misti
I just want you to know that after a late night, everything is the way we need it to be this morning. I thank you and your team sincerely for every effort.

» We Really Appreciate It... Haydn
Hi Fred, That’s great, thank you. I have asked finance to process payment for this as soon as possible. Matt mentioned how accommodating and helpful you were with this project, we really appreciate it, I will definitely be contacting you for any of our future print projects. Have a great weekend!

» They Were Invaluable... Rod
Thanks very much. And thank you again for having those posters ready this morning for pick up. They were invaluable to have on hand for our engagement session, and we couldn’t have done it without Team Dom.

» Goes Above and Beyond... Katie
Suzanne always goes above and beyond to help us reach our deadlines. We often are running up against tight timelines with our clients and Suzanne ensure that we are able to turnaround a great product. She is reliable, detail oriented and able to run with our sometimes (often) piecey instructions. I utilize her for all of our printing needs for our BC projects. Not only is DB turn around time much better than competitors and the cost is more efficient, but Suzanne is attentive and helps me make sure I don’t miss anything.

» Always Accommodating... Mahsa
I just wanted to say thank you for all your help & for always accommodating when needed. Also, I wanted to thank Lance, who usually helps with deliveries. I caused him some trouble & he was super patient. Very much appreciated.

» The Signs Were Perfect... John
I would like to thank you and your colleagues for the signs you all produced for me a couple of weeks ago. The signs where perfect. The communication with you and your colleagues, packaging, shipping where all fantastic. Please share my appreciation with your colleagues. I would highly recommend anyone to use Dominion Blue.

» Thank You!!... Jamie
You are a whole 5 days early. You guys always go above and beyond. Thank you!!

» So True To Life... Carrie
Wow, The scans are beautiful! So true to life. Thanks so much, I will definitely be bringing more down the road. Thanks again.

» Very Surprised... Marsha
Hello! We were very surprised on the amazing quick service! Thanks so much and have a nice weekend.

» A Bit Tricky... Karen
Wall Graphics. It looks great!! A bit tricky to cut around wall panels but turned out nice. Jesse and other fellow were fantastic! Thanks.

» Better Than I Anticipated... Penny
Quick note just to say everything turned out exactly how I wanted it, and yet even better than I anticipated. Thanks so much!

» They Look Awesome... Jim
Fred & team, The stencils arrived today. They look awesome! Thanks for dealing with the back-n-forth; the end product is sweet.

» Gator Board... Melissa
The boards are beautiful, thank you for recommending the gator board.

» Proven To Be Excellent... Ally
As a highly trafficked public destination we often require quick turn around on signage to meet the needs of changing health & safety requirements - Dominion Blue has proven to be an excellent, reliable and efficient provider to meet all our printing needs. We would not have been able to get through the past 6 months since re-opening without their quick turnaround, high quality product and dynamic team - a special thank you to Brian Lowe for his amazing response time, excellent delivery and dynamic customer service skills.

» Courteous, Attentive, Dedicated... Ken
Keep up the great work, especially all you at Henning location. Always get the drawings we need, in faster than we request. Very courteous, attentive, dedicated staff at Henning. No special instructions but had to find somewhere to put these comments.

» Very Expedient... Julie
I just wanted to let you know…

I originally inquired with another company for a quote on all of my signs. They came highly recommended and I never even looked at other options.

However, at one point the only person who could give a quote was on vacation, and when he returned I emailed week after week until finally after a month I decided I had better try other companies. I sent out requests for quotes to several companies; yours was the best quote and the fastest response time.

Since then, you have all been very expedient and I am very impressed with your business. I will use you again and I will also recommend you to anyone looking for this type of service!

» Fast Turn Around... Jeff
I must say, I was stunned (in a good way) how fast this was turned around?! Very impressive! Thank you.

» 4 – 4'x8' Signs, Printed and Installed in 24 Hours... Mike
You and the dominion blue team were able to get these printed and installed on very short notice and did a great job.

» Definitely Much More Helpful... Jennie
Hi Melody, this is awesome, thank you so much! You were definitely much more helpful and accommodating than the other printing companies I had contacted earlier this morning. I’ve forwarded this to our Project Specialist – Alyson, and she should reach out to you sometime soon.

» Great Turnaround... Gary
Thank you and everyone at Dominion for the great turnaround and quality job on printing out this map. The customer was mightily impressed.

» Service is Always Fast & Accurate... Bob
Service is always fast & accurate but most important personalities are friendly and helpful. Everyone, without and exception, treats me very well, like an old friend. That is really nice in this oh-so-busy world.

» Appreciate Your Professional Service... Victana
I was in a BIG jam and Lisa and Sharon really helped me out. I have used Dominion Blue before and I appreciate their professional service. They handled my enquiry very quickly.

» Great Service... Gino
Always helpful. Drawings printed quickly. Always a phone call if problems with a file sent. Great Service. Great service @ North Van Branch & always helpful.

» Reps are Very Knowledgeable... Tracey
Next day service or sooner if absolutely necessary. Reps are very knowledgeable, and accessible, also very friendly! Provide inhouse training, or over the phone to suit customer's needs. Professionalism. Products to suite the needs of customers/job. Customer friendly!! Sharon Hughes & Team have always been very professional and accommodating to our office. Always willing to assist at our convenience.


» Keep Up The Great Work... Rita
Very fast, efficient and helpful. Good service & excellent quality. Keep up the great work!

» Certainly Alleviated My Stress... Jane
DomBlue has been a great help (and still is) to us especially during major submittals to the Client. We appreciate the promptness of all orders and most importantly, going beyond our expectations is both quality and service. There have been numerous times when I have expressed surprised receiving an order the same day, and even within a few hours after sending the request through.

I am very happy with the service of DomBlue. I’ve had the chance to use a different company in another project and using that as a gauge, there is not a comparison between what you have been offering us as a whole. You guys ae great!

I’d like to reiterate my appreciation for all that DomBlue has done for us. You have helped me a great deal during the major submissions, certainly alleviated my stress. Shout out to Fred Beach, Ray, Steve and Darren for all the help and going beyond expectations. Thank you!

» It Looked Great ... Chris
Chris was in the Burnaby shop picking up a job today and showed me a photo of the mobile we printed of his kid dressed as Spiderman. They hung it outside the front door of the birthday party so it was upside down and spun around. It looked great and he was quite pleased with. He says thank you.

» Everything Ready For Event... Terry
Thanks for getting everything printed/ ordered etc. Cisco and the designer were amazed at how little back and forth between designer/printer/ customer needed to take place to get everything ready for event. Small details like stuffing name badges into sleeves, gatorboard “feet” for signage didn’t go unnoticed. If/when Cisco Systems comes back to town they will be calling us for certain.

“Thank you for everything, Fred. You made this event very stress free for us.”

» Prints Look Great... Corey
We did 13 photo booth props for this client. 1/2″ black gator, double sided print and procut to shape. It was an unusual and interesting project.

‘Just wanted to say the finished prints look great and the size / scale are awesome. Turned out wonderful, thanks so much. It’s great to know I can make these now. Much appreciated!’

» Good Print Output... Arleen
Great service, staff are nice and accommodating. Good print output.

» Great Experience... Wayne
Always on time & great print quality. Great Experience. Good Job!

» The Extra Mile (Literally)... Emily
I am truly grateful and appreciative of the superb service I’ve experienced to help me produce the Bella Bella signage – it was a challenging assignment with the particular requirements combining the translation of fairly complex information into visuals that are easily understood. I found your gentle guidance on the type of materials and sizing, etc. invaluable, and the professionalism of the graphics staff is impressive. And all this was done with speed, including the extra mile (literally) to deliver the products to various destinations. Thank you very much indeed!

» Extremely Helpful... Kathryn
I needed some changes made to my Business Card Template so that I could go on line and order some more cards. This is the 2nd time I have made changes as sometimes our needs change. Both times melody Sparks and April Keyes were extremely helpful and were quick to get the changes made. I appreciate the help, their willingness to work with us to make our cards presentable and their professional opinions about changes we want made. The reason we do business with Dom Blue is because the staff make it easy to do and they look after us.

» Good Print Output... Arleen
Great service, staff are nice and accommodating. Good print output.

» Look Absolutely Perfect... Chrissy
I picked up the prints today, and wanted to tell you that they look absolutely perfect! They’re exactly what I needed, and everything was printed/finished as I had hoped! I’m sorry for all the confusion about the finishing, and I truly appreciate the time you took to get the signs redone for me.

Thanks as well to you and Dom Blue for the generosity in giving me the previous set of prints anyway. My sister is a teacher/librarian at a lower-income elementary school in East Van, so I’d like to donate the rounded-corner signs to their library. She is so grateful for this as they have few resources and parental help at her school to pull off projects like this. In the end, the prints won’t have to go to waste!

I hope you enjoy the rest of this sunny day. Thanks again for the superior customer service.

» Lovely To Deal With... John
As a company we had a printer that we had just used to print about 80 coroplast signs so I was hesitant to start chatting with Dominion Blue about getting more. I was referred to Melody through one of our estimators. When she contacted me one of the first things she mentioned was the web order portal. Ease of use was important to me as the process for ordering the last group of signs from my previous supplier was quite laborious. Her sales style was friendly and informative and she has been lovely to deal with.

» First Time Student Customer... Emily
I first call Dominion Blue today because it was my first time uploading a pdf file. I spoke with Jenny and she guided me through on how to navigate the Dom Blue website and what I needed to do first was to change my dwg from the AutoCAD into a pdf file. After some difficulty I called back and Jenny told be Bruce can help me with the AutoCAD system because he's more familiar with it. Bruce guided me along smoothly and I sent the file in to be printed. Not long after, Bruce called me and said my pdf is in colour and I wanted a black and white file. He guided me on how to do that then told me to come in with my usb and he’ll print if for me. On the way over, I got into a 3-car accident on the highway. I called Bruce and told him about, “I’m sorry I’m late I won’t make it until after 5”. He said its okay he’ll wait for me. I got there at about 5:10 and Bruce waited for me, he was patient with me and even gave me a handout for students for printing next time.

» Why Not Let Others Know... Paula
Great solutions. Quick Results. Speedy Service. If I’m happy why not let others know. I have been very fortunate in having their best staff to work with me!

» They All Look Great... Christina
Also on a side note I would really like to say thank you to you both for all your help in getting all these signs up and for being so organized and patient. They all look great and we have had many complements from the landlords and potential tenants.

» The Go To Place... Susan
Quality is good, pricing works in our budget, turn-around is quick. Pre-press staff are great about calling to ask questions or check details. Doing small run items and unique projects makes Dominion the go to place in my books.

» The Whole Team is Outstanding... Carolina
We’ve been working together for several years and we feel like you guys have our back. The work is consistently good and on the occasion that something has gone sideways, you’ve always been prompt to fix it without any hassle.

I’m highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue to others because of reliability, quality, and professionalism, service and pricing. As the graphics/design manager here, I’m very happy to work with Dominion. The whole team is outstanding and April and Melody really take care of us, even when we put so much pressure with deadlines. Much appreciated.

» Great Service and Great Attitudes... Rebecca
Most recently, I worked with Dominion Blue on behalf of one of my clients. The DB team were responsive by phone and email; always polite, courteous and solutions-oriented; and you guys got the job done on or before deadlines. Great service and great attitudes! Thank you! From a service perspective, you guys are great.

I’ve dealt with Dominion Blue in various capacities over the years. I used to work at Ballard and did all of our print work with DB during my tenure there. Today, I don’t do a ton of print work but I have recommended Dominion Blue to several people.


» Smiles... Phil
Appreciate the smiles. Efficiency. Service was timely and effective. I'm highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue.

» Nothing to Complain About... Patrick
Service is excellent. Cause as hard as it is, I cannot find anything to complain about.

» Good Attention To Service... Gary
Prompt service. Orders completed accurate and complete. Good attention t service for a small business owner.

» Great People... Rose
Great service. Responsive, quick. Technology-driven. Great people at Dominion Blue.

» Get The Best... Nelson
I expect the best and we get the best. I'm highly likely to recommend them because of the great service we get. I have been using Dominion Blue since 1989 and happy to continue.

» Fast and Reliable... Keith
I email you drawings and they are printed & returned before I need them. Even when I send over a set of mixed size drawings you always sort out the mess & deliver the goods.

» Easy to Recommend... Marcel
Friendly, helpful and knowable people at the Burnaby location. I you have good staff at work, it makes it easy to recomment to someone else.

» Solution Provider... Peter
Friendly, knowledgeable staff gave me an extremely fast solution for a somewhat non-standard request. Far better than Staples Office Services. Great quality, reliability, thanks. Low cost. Staff that can interpret a problem and can provide a solution.

» Good Service... Rod
Efficient work and good service. Why wouldn't I recommend Dominon Blue to my colleagues and friends.

» Great Service and Quality Prints... Dillon
Great service and responsiveness. Thanks for turning jobs around so quickly.

» Great Service and Willingness to Help... Bruno
Good service and willingness to help. Reliable company. I Like how the DFS system can be customized for specific needs.

» Haven't Used All Sevices Yet... Amy
Haven't used all services yet, but what we do use we are very happy with. You provide quite the options in services and use great recycled material.

» Alway's Prompt Sevice... Gloria
Alway's prompt service. Good service. Great account manager. Always available to answer my questions.


» Thanks for A Job Well Done... Steven
Thanks for a job well done. I appreciate everyone who helped meet our deadline for this important event. The baseball diamond is looking sharp with all these graphics and our Committee is now smiling from ear to ear. Please pass along a “thumbs up” to all that helped. You made me look good.

» Informative, Quick... Rachael
They are very patient, informative, quick & reliable. Thank you!

» Easy to Order Online... Alexis
Fast service and turnaround. Friendly drivers & account rep. Easy to order online. Good quality of printing.

» Reliable, Efficient Service... Mark

» Exceptional Service... Joy
Always great service, fast and great prices. Exceptional service compared to competitors.

» Amazing Customer Service... Megan
Melody always provides a prompt response and bends over backwards to accomodate my requests. Amazing customer service and high quality printing! Melody is an absolute pleasure to work with. Ray in production is a an amazingly informative resource and has helped me immensly with prints & paper selection.

» Prompt, Reliable... Sharon
Prompt. Reliable. Always receive good service, quick turn around. Good customer service is appreciated. Personal contact is good. Bike courier - Bob Hope, is very friendly and provides excellent service.

» Always on time... Judy
Always on time, great service and Melody goes above and beyond for us! Very reliable, accessible and fast. Great service.

» Answer Questions Promptly... Gerry
Questions are answered promptly. Good rates. Very good customer service. Keep it up.

» Easy to Order... Cathy
Ease in placing orders and connecting with company. trust that they'll do a great job.

» Excellent service... Mark
Excellent service everytime. I've worked with your company for years and always receive very good service.

» Very efficient... Vinson
This is the only place I like. Richmond location does all my jobs very efficiently. Excellent team in Richmond location.

» Good customer service... Whitney
Good prices, no rush fees, and good customer service.

» Attention to detail... Angela
Great turn around time and attention to detail. Great service. I was recommended by a colleague. Thank you.

» Always prompt service... Rob
Always prompt service and sometimes before requested time. Software is easy to use.

» Fast service... Jack
Reasonable price. Quality printing and fast service. I share the good exerience with others.

» Always fast, done right... Melissa
Always fast, done right. I have total faith that I can just submit the job and forget it - it will be done right. Rob in preflight is the best! The whole team is fantastic, but Rob is top notch.

» Very Good service... Kathy
Drawings were sent on time. Very good service because they will call in advance if drawings have a problem or can't be delivered on suggested time. Overall, very effecient with the services your company provides.

» Last minute job... Jassy
Always able to do our last minute job requests.

» We Look Forward to using Dominion Blue more... Pria
So far have received great customer service, quick turnaround times, proofs, delivery service, etc. Easy to put orders in online. Reasonable pricing. We have used Dominion Blue for years for many of the jobs we can't handle in-house and have always been happy with the work. We look forward to using Dominion Blue more for our marketing materials. And Melody has been great ... look forward to meeting her!


» Courteous efficient & professional... Clarence
Staff is courteous, efficient & professional. Quality of work is at a high level. No real competition when related to architecture and design field. I will be a continuing customer.

» Terrific service... Rob
The Burnaby location has always taken care of us very well. Terrific service. Nice people. Go Canucks Go!

» Like your service... Elena
Like your service & would like to let Dominion Blue management know about it. Really good and helpful team @ Richmond branch.

» Prompt service... Bryce
Prompt service. Great staff. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue to my colleagues and friends.

» Looks great... Eric & Steve
We recently did a complicated substrate / lamination / installation order for the City. I have received two positive e-mails from them: “Looks great. Just back in town and look forward to seeing it in person. Thank you for your team’s efforts.” Eric F. / Public Art Planner and “I’d like to thank Dominion Blue for the help with bringing this all together.” Best, Steve / Designer

» Fast & efficient service... Vi
Fast & efficient service. Jeffrey is an excellent customer service rep., very helpful & friendly. Knowledgeable & fair price. The holiday treats are a nice addition. Keep up the good work!

» They look great!.. Anna
I received your prints this morning and they are already in their binders waiting for the customer. They look great! I will have more information about the next job shortly.

» Fast service... Daoping
Fast service, helpful staff, good quality printing. Very likely to recommend Dominion Blue to colleagues and friends.

» Nice, on time... Jacky
Nice, on time. Sometimes suggest options for saving. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue to colleagues and friends.

» Staff are very efficient... Heather
Staff are very efficient and communicate well if there are issues with printing. Service is fast. Jeffery in customer service is an asset. Very pleased with how Company, and how you dealt with previous issues. Thanks for the follow up.

» Again thanks so much... Kayla
LOL Thank you for the chocolate AGAIN! I received your voicemail. I was sick yesterday and so I am madly catching up on emails.Shelf talkers were fantastic as usual (and early as usual). Again, thanks so much for everything. You are my “go to” for quick, easy, and quality!.

» Service very good... Phoenix
Service very good and very efficient. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue to colleagues and friends.

» Always on time... Tyna
You're always on time and deal with any problem we may have promptly. The service is great and the couriers (DB Drivers) are always very pleasant. :)

» Always very fast... Brennen
Always very fast. Very convenient. Keep up the good work! Send hockey tickets.

» The signage is perfect... Cyndy
Melody: The signage is perfect! Thanks for your continual stellar customer service. It is a pleasure to do business with you and Dominion Blue. Until the next time.

» Quick printing... Cesar
Quick printing. Friendly staff. Price & service.

» Time constraints... Shelvin
Even though at times it seems impossible for the deliveries to be made on time because of the time constraints, I have always had on or before deadline time deliveries. I am very much satisfied with their level of customer service. Keep up the great work guys!!!

» What wonderful work... Laura
I wanted to let you know that we’ve received the signs…and they are beautiful! I will re-check all items/numbers with the team tomorrow, but for now wanted to send a big Thanks your way. What wonderful work – sharp poster boards!

» On time... John
Printing is done on time and in a professional manner. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue to colleagues and friends.

» Great timely service... Ian
They have great timely service and are always good with making sure your order is done right. There are instances where this level of service has slipped but are not a major cause for concern. I would recommend DB just due to the statements made above, in terms of timely manner and service.

» Already done... Kayla
WOWZA! Gosh you guys are fast! The posters are already done and delivered! Thank you so much Dominion Blue, appreciate it!

» Office staff is helpful... Michael
Print/delivery of drawings on time, and if there are issues, your office staff is helpful. Keep up the good work.

» Prints arrive on time... Sandeep
Prints arrive on time even if deadline is tight. Good service and on time. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue.

» Amazing efficient system... Ard
When Ard came to pick up his job he said what and amazing efficient system we have here. He liked the web order and said when he submitted his job about 7 last night someone called him almost right away. He was impressed.

» Good delivery time... John
Good delivery time. Very good service. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue to colleagues and friends.

» Printed correctly... Chris
Drawings always printed correctly and delivered in a short timeframe.

» Good under tight deadlines... Nic
Good under tight deadlines in many occasions for our projects. There have been a couple mix ups, but nothing that affected me or my projects. Good customer service, quick turnaround. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue to colleagues and friends.

» Very efficient... Amanda
Very efficient. Can handle rush print orders. Work well with our consultants when uploading drawings. Competitive pricing. Sharon is a fantastic rep and Hagos is a huge help.

» Staff are always helpful... Donald
Staff are always helpful and friendly. They try to conplete my drawings whilst I wait. This means a lot to me because of unexpected client meetings, etc. And because of the numberous locations and fair pricing. I have used the Richmond Branch since starting by interior design consultancy 10 years ago and I have never had a bad experience. Long may it continue.

» Good & prompt service... Jay
Good & prompt service. Very satisfied. Good company to deal with. Keep it up. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue to colleagues and friends.

» Very quick in providing the service... Cardy
Like pick up and delivery option. Very quick in providing the service. Ease of use. Great service.

» Work is done prompltly... Jennifer
My work is done prompltly, any questions are well thought out, any difficulties for/ meeting my deadlines are addressed immediately. The service is very good, staff is pleasant & efficient. Thanks for all the good work you've done for me.

» Service is prompt... Daphne
Service is prompt and quality is good. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue to colleagues and friends.

» Prompt & friendly service... Herb
Prompt & friendly service. I have recommended Dominion Blue.

» Great timely service... Scott
Great timely service. Great service. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue to colleagues and friends.

» Quick turnaround... Valter
Quick turnaround & did job requested. Listened to suggestion. Excellent service.

» Excellent service... Deborah
Excellent service. Fast & friendly. Professional. Excellent prints. Professional quality for business & BCIT assignments. I have recommended Dominion Blue serveral times to BCIT collegues.

» Excellent service... Alice
Nice, excellent service. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue to colleagues and friends.

» Very knowledgable about work... Keith
Very knowledgable about work. Careful to meet my needs. Good service. Excellent products. Very satisfied with quality of work and service provided.

» Service is awesome... Brian
Service is awesome. Quality + Service + the copy tuf paper is fantastic. Keep up the good work.

» Excellent service... Danny
Excellent services. Staff are really helpful and friendly. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue to colleagues and friends.

» Excellent delivery service... Rod
Always get my work done expediciously. Excellent delivery service. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue because of quality and service.

» Always helpful... Fionna
Always helpful, particularily Darrell who does his best to accommodate our needs in the most economical way. Highly likely to recomment Dominion Blue because of the service and help. For someone like myself who volunteers for a non-profit theatre & is not knowledgeable about the printing business having someone take the time to explain things is key.

» Online ordering is very easy... Andrew
I ordered printing online and it was completed well ahead of schedule. Online ordering is very easy.

» The Team is professional... Lindsay
We required a lot of work within a short period of time and Dominion Blue met this demand. The team is professional and delivers great service. Thank you for all of the excellent work.

» Fast and accurate... Mellissa
Always have great service here. Fast and accurate. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue.

» Consistent highest quality product... Carol
Consistent highest quality product, service. Highly likely to recoment Dominion Blue when networking - if you find a company or product of high quality - share the information. Excellent Website, too.

» Always correct... Tess
Always correct, documents are delivered on time & excellent customer service. Highly likely to recoment Dominion Blue.

» Nice people. Helpful... Eunice
Nice people. Helpful, even when we have some rush job at the end of the day. They always try their best to help us. Great service. Never have any problem on printing.

» Quick turn around of projects... Steve
Helpful friendly staff. Quick turn around of projects. Keep up the great work!! Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue.

» Staff are knowledgeable... Bob
Work is always completed as requested and in a timely manner. Staff are knowledgeable & great to deal with. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue.

» Service has been very good... Rod
Service has been very good. Projects have been returned in a timely manner. Keep up the great service.


» Always done on time... Lorraine
Always done on time and excellent staff. I always received the best service even when the job wasn't straight forward. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue to colleagues and friends.

» I'm happy with everything... Angela
Whenever I use your service, I'm happy with everything. I let people know that I'm happy with the service. Maybe show examples of what some of your printing methods produce as demos at the front, in newsletters, etc. It would open your clients mind for possibilities.

» Prompt & friendly... Timothy
Prompt & friendly service. Quick & convenient.

» Quick service... Jason
Quick service. And Quick Service. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue to colleagues and friends.

» Done in a timely manner... John
The people, get things done in a timely manner. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue to colleagues and friends.

» Friendly, prompt, knowledgeable... Kevin
Friendly, prompt, knowledgeable. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue to colleagues and friends.

» Excellent service... Ernie
Excellent service in every aspect. My friends would be very happy to deal with such a printer. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue to colleagues and friends.

» Prompt and efficient... Rhian
Good advice when needed. Prompt and efficient. Friendly customer service staff. Knowledgable staff.

» Fast service... Steven
Fast service. No one else can do a better job in town.

» Quality of prints... Nicki
Quality of prints from original drawings is excellent. The staff always do my prints while I wait, always remember me, and are friendly and personable. Keep up the good work. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue.

» Always consistent... Aveen
The customer service in Richmond is always consistent, always friendly and professional. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue.

» Fast & curtious... Nat
Fast & curtious service. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue.

» Service and quality is excellent... Angelus
We have been using your company for many many years. Your service and quality is excellent. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue.

» Prompt service... Philip
Prompt service. Nice people. Convenient location. Good service. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue.

» Friendly counter service... Jammy
Friendly counter service & account management. I have not had a problem with large or small projects to be printed.

» The ability to upload... Regan
The ability to upload files to be printed, which saves me a driving trip is brilliant. The staff a Henning Street are all outstanding.

» Work done to a high quality... Scott
Chris is great! My work is always done to a high standard and on time. The Richmond team has given be the same service. Work done to a high quality & on time. Thanks.

» Good service... Jawwant
Good service & happy to talk to. Convenience and service. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue.

» Quality of work... Masa
Meeting my deadlines. Quality of work. Dependability. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue & staff are friendly.

» Always helpful... Nadine
Always helpful. Able to handle last minute jobs. Friendly. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue.

» Always receive excellent service... Morganne
Jessica & Julianna are absolutely fantastic. We always receive excellent service. Thank you!

» Service is excellent... Eddie
Service is excellent. Come in and they'll make and print drawings right away. Employees and staff are very friendly and accomodating. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue.

» Consistently excellent service... Jeremy
Consistently excellent service. Projects always completed in a timely manner and done well. Good service and committment to customer satisfaction is extremely important in this industry and I feel confident Dominion Blue can provide this to all our coleagues. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue.

» Provide excellent advice... Alex
Friendly service and provide excellent advice in printing based on my needs. Highly likely to recommend Dominion Blue because they get the job done smoothly.


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Client Services

Authorized Accounts will be assigned a professional Account Manager to assist you with your quote, printing and document management inquires.

All Cash Accounts will be serviced by our team of Client Service Advisers. You're just one call away from your best printing solution.

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Building a strong community requires consistency. Here at Dominion we've committed to sponsorship and investment in the following organizations.