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Sustainability Solutions... Our Commitment to You

FSC Certified Premium Engineering Bond our Regular PaperFSC Premium Engineering Bond and Copy Bond
With FSC engineering bond as our regular commodity sheet for CAD plotting and FSC bond for copy centre; always at our regular price, be assured you're helping save the environment with every print.

» FSC Certified / 92 Bright / 20lb Weight

FSC Certified Premium Engineering Bond our Regular Paper Available in Rolls at All Five LocationsShop & Save on Paper
FSC Engineering Bond (roll stock), and our 100% Recycled Copy Bond (cut sheet) paper is now available for purchase at any of our five locations: Click Here to find a location.

Or, if you’d prefer, we can deliver right to your doorstep, just give our sales department a call at, (604) 681-7504. Or to order online, Click Here.

In addtion we can source and deliver ink cartridges and toner at a competitive price.

The Forest Stewardship CouncilForest Stewardship Council
FSC is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests. Established in 1993 as a response to concerns over global deforestation, FSC is widely regarded as one of the most important initiatives of the last decade to promote responsible forest management worldwide.

FSC is a certification system that provides internationally recognized standard-setting, trademark assurance and accreditation services to companies, organizations, and communities interested in responsible forestry.

The FSC label provides a credible link between responsible production and consumption of forest products, enabling consumers and businesses to make purchasing decisions that benefit people and the environment as well as providing ongoing business value.

FSC is nationally represented in more than 50 countries around the world. Click Here to access the Canadian site.

What You'll Save Using 100% Recycled PapersWhat You'll Save Using 100% Recycled
Here's The Numbers...

By using one ton of 100% recycled paper instead of virgin forested paper, Customers save:

» 10,052 gallons of water -- 14 million BTUs
» 1,120 pounds of solid waste -- 2,210 pounds of greenhouse gases

Since the size of trees varies, these numbers can vary throughout the industry. Typically, about 3.47 tons of trees are necessary to make one ton of virgin paper. Since making 1 ton of 100% recycled paper requires zero virgin tree fiber, it saves 3.47 tons of trees for each ton produced. Because of the variations in numbers, the paper manufacturer claims that 100% recycled saves about three times as many trees as a standard 30% post-consumer fiber recycled paper.

What is post-consumer reclaimed material?

The Forest Stewardship Council, one of the authorities on sustainable practices in manufacturing, defines post-consumer reclaimed material as "wood and/or wood fiber that is reclaimed from a product after that product has been used for its intended end-use purpose by individuals or businesses, and has reached the end of its useful life for that end-use." They do not include over-issue publications, scrap from printers or other sources which are part of the retail process in this definition.

What does "process chlorine-free" mean?

Using chlorine in the pulp and paper industry for production can produce an undesirable environmental effect and has been studied exhaustively. The most environmentally-friendly paper manufacturing processes uses no chlorine compounds and is called "chlorine-free." During the recycling process, post-consumer fibers are often bleached to achieve a brightness level demanded by the marketplace, and it's impossible to track the amount of chlorine previously used in recycled products, but once the fibers reach our paper manufacturer, the process is chlorine free.

How else does Dominion Blue enhance the selling of our FSC and recycled papers?

In addition to what the manufacturer does, internally we reuse 100% of the core tubes, plus bind all of our D/Print and CAD plotting with 100% recycled binding strips.

Mobius LoopRecycled Definitions
Post Consumer Waste... Paper that has completed its life cycle to the end user then re-enters the production process through recycling bin collection.

Pre Consumer Waste... Includes manufacturing waste from envelope converters, paper mills and printed paper that never reached the consumer.

Recyclable... This term simply means that the product is able to be recycled; it does not mean that the product contains any amount of recycled content.

Recycled Content Papers:

  • May contain either pre or post consumer waste. The 'Mobius Loop' (the three arrow symbol):
    • is commonly used on printed recycled materials,
    • its use is not monitored, nor does the symbol represent any specific waste content,
    • can only be used if there is some recovered materials present in the paper; the recovered materials may be as little as a few percent of pre-consumer waste up to 100% post-consumer waste.


  • Turning wood to pulp naturally creates discolouration. A bleaching process with less harmful side-effects on the environment is what is sought after.
  • The brighter the paper the more bleaching that is necessary.

Bleaching Definitions

  • Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF)... Pulp is bleached using processes that do not use elemental chlorine gas, significantly reducing the amount of toxins released.
  • Totally Chlorine Free (TCF)... A pulp bleaching process that avoids the use of all chlorine, in elemental or compound form.
  • Processed Chlorine Free (PCF)... Recycled fibers are bleached using a process which is chlorine free. The pulp cannot be called totally chlorine free since the recycled fibres could have been chlorine bleached in their initial use.

Windpower (Specialty Paper)

  • Uses less than 5% of the land where they are sited.
  • Allow for multiple use of the same land.
  • Offers alternative income sources to family farmers.
  • Fastest growing energy source in the world.
  • Complete zero emissions method of energy production.
  • A domestic source of energy (not subject to international politics).


  • Removes inks, dyes and other contaminants from recovered paper.
  • Is primarily a mechanical process.
  • State-of-the-art deinking systems no longer require toxic chemicals to clean scrap paper (the caustics, detergents and surfactants used in deinking are not considered to be toxic chemicals by the EPA); any resulting residues are neutralized with hydrochloric and sulfuric acids producing harmless salts such as sodium chloride or sodium sulfate).
  • For printing and writing paper, between 20 and 30% of the original scrap paper ends up as paper sludge after deinking. It is the inks and dyes printed onto the paper in the first place or how the paper is used before it is recycled that is the root cause of the environmental problems.
  • Solution: eliminate the toxic materials used in inks and dyes, and discontinue the use of chlorine for paper bleaching.

Advantages of Using Recycled Papers

  • Using one ton of 100% recycled paper* saves:
    • 4,100 kwh of energy (enough to power the average home for six months),
    • 26,497 litres (7,000 gallons) of water,
    • 2.523 cubic meters (3.3 cubic yards) of landfill space, approximately 17 trees
    • (*one ton of paper equals 40 crtns of 8.5" x 11", 20# copy paper)
  • And Keeps:
    • more than 27.215 kilograms (60 pounds) of pollution out of the air,
    • needs less bleaching than virgin paper (as recycled paper has already been bleached when it was originally virgin paper),
    • often has a higher opacity than virgin paper (which is good for double sided printing which reduces the amount of paper use).

Ordering Online at Dominion BlueOnline Ordering at Dominion Blue
Reduce your carbon footprint; save gas, money and time too. Click Here to try our convenient easy to use online order form. There's no software required and you'll receive an email confirmation for each order. It's fast and easy, plus it will save you, or our driver a trip from your business to ours. It's the difference that helps us all, and the planet too.

db-PrintShop Archive Portal

Dominion Blue has the equipment and expertise to handle your documents securely. All your documents can be stored digitally and updated when required, keeping valuable originals current, for future reprints. Print what you need, when you need it, and avoid unnecessary storage and wastage costs.

Thinking about sustainability options, why not add this solution to yours. The next time you order printing at Dominion Blue, choose the Archive option and we'll build your own cloud based retrieval system for free. To find out more, Click Here to find out more.

WindPowerWide Area Network (WAN)
Our secure, private, high-speed, WAN is designed to provide you with the fastest, most efficient service available. Our goal is to manage your document split distribution requirements more efficiently and cost effectively, using our private high- speed wide area network and/or our over 200 ReproMAX affiliate locations throughout North America, the U.K and Europe.

With our pre-flight department open until 7 p.m., we have more options than ever before. Whether we rely on our Main Shop late shift or send your files to one of our Branch's private servers, you can count on early morning printing and/or distribution. With five locations in the lower mainland, our WAN gives not only the quickest, most efficient local distribution possible, but it drastically reduces motor vehicle impact to the environment as well.

In addition, we use bicycle couriers whenever possible, and with 8 radio dispatched trucks, provide the widest range of options for quick pickup and distribution in the lower mainland.

As a ReproMAX partner, we offer efficient, reliable international distribution as well - again either physical or digital - depending on your own specific needs. Click Here to find out more.

Wastage Control

We minimize the amount of paper use on every printing job via our layout efficiencies program. Our waste control program is monitored consistently and includes incentives for efficiency and tight print management.

Variable Data Printing and Personalized One-to-One Marketing

Variable data printing offers a smart solution, that not only adds lift to your marketing results, but provides a great solution for keeping unwanted ad mail out of the trash. As consumer interest in sustainability grows, and efforts like reddot.ca become more prevalent, you can easily personalize your colour print direct mail to each audience member

Digital Colour Press | Advantages

Making the right printing choices seems to be more difficult than ever - especially if you throw in the option of impacting the environment positively. Many are now firm believers in the environmental advantages of digital printing. Besides the multiple recycled paper options available, our Digital Colour Press utilizes completely non-toxic dry colorants.

Digital presses run up to 80% quieter and use less electricity than an equivalent-sized conventional press with an IR dryer. But the big environmental advantage of digital printing is due to its ability to reduce overall material and energy consumption for printed materials.

By printing only the quantity needed, when it is needed, digital printing significantly reduces waste due to obsolescence. Also, by taking advantage of the personalization capabilities of digital printing (variable data), marketers can now target their campaigns to those recipients who are most likely to respond, rather than “carpet bombing” an entire area with non-relevant materials that will just be discarded, and end up in a landfill.

How do you win - print wisely to reduce costs and add some new ‘lift’ to your marketing results with variable data printing.

SustainabilityrmxNetwork Sustainability Statement
The rmxNetwork community is committed to protecting and enhancing the environment through our education, technology, vendor relationships and administrative operations. We seek to encourage and support a community that is ecologically aware, environmentally friendly, and collaborative in thinking. We seek to incorporate environmentally responsible practices as fundamental and integrated components of all rmxNetwork operations and programs.


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