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Thursday, 07 June 2012 15:28

Top 50 Golfers of All Time

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The 50 best golfers of all time. How does one compare Old Tom Morris to Tiger Woods? Ben Hogan to Babe Zaharias? Jack and Arnold to anybody? It's a tough task until you just do the numbers. You can be sure of one thing; their focus on the game was unstoppable. In the same way we here at Dominion have been focused on our game since 1912.

How many professional majors, how many pro tour victories, how many world wide victories even if it's the Legends of Golf or The Skins Game? Those were our measuring sticks. Amateur championships, if added, might change the order a little bit. But that's a task for someone else at another time. These are our top 50 playing in professional events.

The first two slides are for historic golfers who shot scores like 54-56-53=163 to win early British Opens. That's not quite the same challenge as today's players face. However, they beat whoever showed up, and when the winning scores is 163, what was par? Was it just level 4s? It's a wonder we have the records at all.

Still, it doesn't make sense to give them higher standing than some of the modern players who contested over 72 holes, on great courses, with tough competition and then won in many tournaments around the world. When you see who the modern era golfers are, you'll understand the reason for putting the historic gentlemen last. No disrespect meant.

Click Here to View the Top 50 Golfers of All Time.

Source: Bleacher Report / bleacherreport.com

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